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No appointment necessary for our Express Services Oil, Lube and Filter Service!

We are open and operating at full speed in our new Express Services ready to get you back on the road. Our prices are highly competitive and many times lower than your local Quick Lube in Melbourne, Tampa, or Jacksonville. We also provide several other small services at exceptional speeds and price. Don't risk your vehicle's health with non-factory certified technicians!

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Lube, Oil & Filter Changes
Tire Rotation with Brake Inspection
Multi-Point Inspection
Wiper Blade Replacement

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Your car is a complex machine with multifaceted systems that interact and depend on each other,similar to your physical body. Just as you need a balanced diet, regular exercise, and check-ups from your health care provider to stay in good physical health, your car needs regular attention and maintenance to extend its life and to keep running at its peak. Routine maintenance is not only the best way to keep your vehicle running at its peak, it's also the best way to protect your warranty. So no matter if you are coming from Melbourne, Tampa, or Jacksonville we will take care of your vehicle fast and efficiently.

Although repair and maintenance service may be performed by any automotive service provider you choose, it is still your responsibility to make sure that all scheduled maintenance is performed and that it meets the Nissan engineering specifications. Failure to carry out manufacturer's scheduled maintenance specified will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by the lack of maintenance.

Here at Orlando Infiniti we offer an extensive line of maintenance services. Orlando Infiniti Service is the difference between "buying the car you love and loving the car you bought". It is our promise to provide you with a supreme level of service and support for your vehicle. To insure that your vehicle is running right, we use the 32-point inspection. This can help identify any potential issue before a problem arises.

We provide you with a checklist every time scheduled maintenance is performed. The results of your service are provided to you on our comprehensive vehicle checkup form. This will provide immediate feedback as to what's been checked, what are okay, as well as potential problems that may require immediate or future attention. This check up form is just another way Orlando Infiniti shows our commitment to your complete satisfaction and sense of security.

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Orlando, FL 32839

just minutes away from Melbourne, Tampa, and Jacksonville!

1. Tires: your Service Specialist will evaluate your tire wear patterns, tread depth, and overall condition.

2. Fluids: You will receive information regarding the level and condition of your vehicle's fluids. Your fluid checkups will include engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission and windshield washer fluid.

3. Maintenance Items: During your vehicle's checkup, your Service Specialist will evaluate the condition of the belts, hoses, air filter, cooling system, windshield wipers and blades, lamps, and battery.

4. Consider a More Thorough Checkup: The 32-point checkup includes the 16-point checkup plus a thorough inspection of key mechanical parts. Your Service Specialist will provide the condition of your brakes, shocks and struts, transfer case, differential, CV joint boots, steering components, u-joints, suspension, and exhaust system.


We will have you in and out and back on the road in no time.  We understand that your vehicle is important to you and you wouldn't want just anyone working on it, so we'd like you to come try our Express Services today!  Our highly trained certified specialists will be taking care of all your quick service needs to ensure you have a pleasant experience.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Orlando Infiniti is  your choice for quick oil changes in Melbourne, Tampa, and Jacksonville!

Welcome to Orlando Infiniti we are Infiniti Certified "Express Services".   Here at our store Customer Satisfaction is always the main focus in everything we do.  We understand that in today's fast paced world your time is priceless and we are just minutes away from Melbourne, Tampa, and Jacksonville.  With that in mind, we became Infiniti certified for "Express Services" for having your oil changed with the speed and precision of a race team pit crew.

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 8:00am to 4pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed


Every Express Service Lube, Oil & Filter Change Includes

Replace Oil, Replace Filter, Lube Chassis (if applicable), Check Air Filter, Check Tire Wear, Check Brake/Reverse Lamps, Check Headlamps, Check Tail lamps, Check Turn Signals, Check Wiper Blades, Check & Fill Antifreeze, Test Battery, Check & Fill Brake Fluid, Check & Fill Differential Fluid, Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid, Check & Adjust Tire Pressure, Check & Fill Transmission Fluid (if applicable), Check & Fill Windshield Solvent


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